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Trader Joe's - Hillsboro

Trader Joe
(503) 645-8321
2285 Nw 185th Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
-122.87 45.54

Trader Joes in Hillsboro OR has never been easier to find.

Trader Joes in Hillsboro OR is a chain of specialty grocery stores with headquarters based in Monrovia, California located near Los Angeles and have over 450 stores located primarily in California as well as in 30 other states. Joe Coulombe founded Trader Joe's in 1979 and has been the owner since then. Originally they began around 1958 as a chain called "Pronto Market" which was a convenience store closely resembling 7-Eleven. The name was created while Joe was on vacation in the Caribbean.

In 1967 the first store debuted based in Pasadena, California and till this day, remains in operation. Originally they provided fresh meat by butchers who actually leased space in numerous Trader Joe's locations.

Most grocery stores normally stock about 50,000 items but Trader Joe's stocks approximately 4,000 items which also are actually produced by them and include the company name. They offer a range of excellent foods from organic food to unique frozen foods to imported food to vegetarian food as well as wine and beer. Their brand-name speaks for itself and constantly prides themselves on providing high-quality food and spirits.

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